12 Galaxies Protestor

If you've ever been to downtown San Francisco, you might have noticed a Chinese-American man in sunglasses and a suit ambling down the sidewalk with a protest sign reading "Impeach Clinton 12 Galaxies Conspiracy Mind Altering" or some other seemingly random statement.

An Internet filmmaker, James Dirschberger, has produced an excellent 15 minute documentary about the protester, whose name is Frank Chu, that includes a lunchtime interview in which Frank explains the sign and his reason for protesting.

Frank lives across the Bay in Oakland and makes his way into The City each day to walk up and down Market Street, trying to inform the world of his plight. He believes that the Clinton administration, in league with the CIA and the mysterious "12 Galaxies," used hi-tech invisible cameras to make a movie about him and his family that was subsequently aired in the 12 Galaxies, generating considerable income. Frank's daily protests aim to get his fair share of those movie profits: $12 billion or so.

While we may be tempted to laugh at Frank and his crazy theories, there is an underlying sadness to the film. It's obvious that Frank needs psychiatric help, but his paranoia and fears of government control keep him from taking his medication.

Good luck Frank, I hope you get satisfaction someday.


SDCrawford said...

So funny! My coworker & I were just talking about him and wondered if Quiznos was still advertising on the back of his sign.

MariGerard said...

NEW POST MAN!!! NEW POST!!! :) oh and Jer and I checked out PJ Clarkes..I took pictures. Will email them soon! Mariangela