Yum! Fasika's Ethopian food!

Here are some belated photos from our dinner last Friday with our friends Michelle (with Jenny in the photo) and Ellen. Jenny is finally getting over her morning (read: all-day) sickness, and this was our first night out in a long while. We had a great time and the food, as it always is at Fasika's, was fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting settled in the new house so we can resume a semi-normal social schedule again (at least until the baby gets here!).

Painting, much like being President, is hard work

Jaysus...I am so dead today. The good news: I finished painting Jenny's and my bedroom last night. We chose a cool, modern-looking grey-blue for the walls and Swiss Coffee for the trim. The bad news: it took me until midnight to get the thing finished and right now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Calgon, take me away!

Don't let anybody snow you: Painters earn their money. Getting a straight edge is next to impossible, although I think my job turned out pretty well for an amateur.

Just two more bedrooms and the hallway of death to go! Gulp.


Busy weekend....

We're coming down to the wire on our move-in date, which means that I've really got to buckle down and get the house's collective shit together. This (long) weekend I got quite a bit accomplished:

1. Take out AC outlet and replace with normal, three-pronged outlet in living room: check.
2. Prime front bedroom: check.
3. Prime hallway (1st coat only): check. Note: Jeez-o-pete, this is a hellish job. To the people who sold us our house, I say a hearty "screw you and your idiotic purple, impossible-to-paint-over paint job."
4. Re-install kitchen cabinet handles after Mom's thorough cleaning: check.
5. Clean fridge and freezer: check. (Jenny did this.)
6. Clean and paper closets: check. (Jenny did this, too.)
7. Shop vac washer/dryer area: check.
8. Install pegboard in kitchen to hang pots and pans on (Julia Child style): check.
9. Painted the front bedroom's walls (trim and touch-ups TK): check.

There is so much to do yet, but we're slowly making progress. I don't have to work on Dickweed's inaguration day, so that's a whole extra day to paint, etc.

Now we need visitors! We're currently taking reservations. Jane and Sarah have already claimed one weekend in May, but other than that we're wide open....come visit us!