Follow-up to the idiot king

From the Washington Post's late edition, reporting that today's terror alerts were based on intel gathered BEFORE 9/11:

"President Bush and Vice President Cheney said in separate appearances yesterday that the new alert underscores the continuing threat posed by al Qaeda. At a news conference announcing his proposed intelligence reforms, Bush said the alert shows 'there's an enemy which hates what we stand for.'"

No it doesn't. All it shows is that you, Mr. Bush, are more than willing to exploit Americans' already frazzled nerves and play on their insecurities (which you carefully cultivate) for your own political gain.

"'It's serious business,' Bush said. 'I mean, we wouldn't be, you know, contacting authorities at the local level unless something was real.'"

Um, you know, for some reason, I don't, you know, believe him.

The idiot king who cried wolf?

We're on heightened alert here in Washington, D.C.'s financial district. What sucks even more than being the target of some fundamentalist nutjobs intent on instilling fear in my heart and mind is the actual danger posed to me by Islamic terrorists. I'd like to know, mr. fundamentalist nutjob president, when I'm really in danger. But thanks to your outrageous policy of using the "terror alert system" to further your political gains, I can never be sure if I'm really in danger or if I'm just being played by you and your cronies. That sucks. And so do you.

Okay, breaking away from politics and terrorists and Islamic crazies for an update: Jenny is on another business trip to Boston this week, and I miss her already. She got to have dinner with Jason last night, though, which is cool. I just received the 20-disc Fugazi live retrospective on Friday. It's awesome, of course, and the best parts are when Ian berates the moronic slam dancers in the crowd. Priceless.

The Scotch tasting was pretty fun. I learned about how Johnnie Walker Black Label is made, how to drink Johnnie Walker Black Label, and how a splash of water can "open up the aromas" of a shot of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Can you guess what type of Scotch they were advertising at the event? Actually, it was kind of interesting to see how such targeted marketing works. I basically paid $50 to sit through a 2-hour infomercial. At least they plied us with free whisky. Better than a Johnnie Walker Pocket Fisherman event, I guess.