Jenny and I finally got the DVD player set up properly again. Of course, Buffython ensued. After a bunch of sangría from Kramerbook's Afterwards café, the demon dance numbers are, shall we say, bizarre-o-ramic.

Johnny Walker Scotch tasting at the British embassy tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


Aborted Pandathon transforms into Ethiopian lunch

Try googling that headline...I bet its the only one you come up with! ;-) Jenny and I got up this morning with full plans to visit all of the city's panda statues, but were thwarted by a trip to Eastern Market (where we bought a cool formica cocktail tray that perfectly matches a set of formica coasters we already had). I think it may...wait for it....be time for a swanky D.C. cocktail party at our abode! Of course, that would mean actually fully unpacking the boxes that have begun to plague our life. Anyway, back to our day, we ended up in Adams Morgan for Fasika's, which was closed. I was hoping to have Ethiopian for my late celebration of job getting, so we went across the street to Meskerem, which was just as tasty. Mmmmmm.....injera! I fricking LOVE Ethiopian food, man! Jenny puts up with it 'cause I love it so much, but I'm just glad she'll humor me.

Yesterday we went to see the Orioles versus the Twins in B'more. Fun (and fast—under 3 hrs!) game, but we couldn't get the hell out of there and ended up in helltown trying to get back to I-95 (along with some other gamegoers). No fun waiting to get carjacked while inching through a crappy neighborhood in bumper-to-bumper game traffic. I hate Baltimore. We're hopeful that the Expos will come to D.C. and we'll get to inch through Anacostia instead. MUCH safer. ;-)