The kid's got good taste!

She thinks that the guys on the back of the record cover are the funniest thing around, and she screamed bloody murder (in the rue morgue) when we took the CD away from her.... Sylvie. All metal. All the time.


Jenny's mom coming to town

Jennifer's mother is coming to visit later tonight, so Sylvie will get some grandma time in for the next few days. Dad will get some much-needed time in the ampworks to try to fix one of his old builds that keeps squealing like a stuck pig.

We're also in the middle of trying to figure out what the hell to do with our lawn/garden. I think Jenny and her mom are gonna hit the greenhouse circuit this weekend, as we're in the market for flowers and a dogwood tree to plant for Sylvie in the front yard.

And then there's the matter that our entire backyard has turned to moss. Do the chores ever end? Uh...no.