Mom and Dad visit!

We're psyched to have my Mom and Dad in for the Father's Day weekend. Last night we had a cook out of chicken apple sausage and grilled asparagus...yum city!

I'm currently staring down the barrel of three untranscribed interviews for FRETS and Guitar Player that I must get done soon. The band I interviewed last night, Kinski, from Seattle, play some bitchin' instrumental rock and both guitarists were very friendly. Check them out if you get a chance and watch out for the article in an upcoming issue of GP.


Just like old times!

Cookout time!
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This last weekend our dear friends Jane and Sarah came out to visit from Oakland. We were the last stop on their whirlwind East Coast tour, and we're so happy they made it.

Jane used to live in D.C., which meant that we could skip the super tourist stuff and concentrate on the good stuff: Ethiopian food on U St., Yueng Ling Porter and exotic cheese plates, Eastern Market and a quick tour of Jane's and my old houses on Capitol Hill (turns out we lived one block from each other and didn't even realize it back in the '90s) and killer cookouts with our D.C. friends.

We had a blast having them stay with us, and look forward to introducing them to A.P. sometime soon.

We miss you already!!!!!