She is no longer a baby

Though, I still call her my baby.
Here's some random facts about Syl:

No more baby food...
Her latest fave food is Trader Joe's "Pizza Rustico" which has kalamata olives and goat cheese on it. She also loves whole wheat waffles, with Fage yogurt on top.
Luxe life. She eats better than I do.

She is amazing at spotting "aiwr-pwane" and "woof woofs" and asks to watch "Hi-Fibe!?" while holding up 4 fingers.

She LOVES to wear hats. I have about five that my mom knitted her available at all times to let her put on and take off a million times in a row. She also likes to wear her pink pilot hat.

She greets Dada at the door each night when he comes home from work with a very loud, "hi-EYE-iii!!!"

She loves when we video tape her or take her picture. She also does a fake laugh, so she's known as "Hollywood" when she hams it up.

She finds squirrels and birds the MOST fascinating creatures EVER and greets them with her Pterodactyl yell. Also, Christmas lights on houses are VERY exciting and she screams and points at every one!

I will end this post with this thought:
I think she is a very cool kid because she is especially nice to older people and people in wheelchairs. She always says hi to them and I have been told by many a stranger that Sylvia saying "HI!" to them, made their day.