More Sylvie Photos

Here's a new batch for you. She's so cute I can't stand it!!!!

Go here to see them....


Indict Karl Rove!

Not only is Karl Rove a slimy, no-good poopoohead, but now it's pretty certain that he's a fricking traitor as well.

It's a federal crime to expose the identity of an active CIA agent. Rove should rot behind bars for doing this.

Of course, the Republican leadership, in their typically disgusting, hypocritical way, are backing Rove by attacking the honest, decent citizens demanding that this traitor be prosecuted. In the words of the worthless Representative Peter T. King from New York, "Republicans should stop holding back and go on the offense: fire enough bullets the other way until the Supreme Court overtakes events."

It shows just how cow-towed the American Public has become when these jerks can be so open about their underhanded tactics: attack, attack, attack, and wait for something else to take over the headlines.


Vacation, all I ever wanted

Taking a little time off to be with mother and baby, which is nice. Sylvie has her first pediatrician appointment today, so we're hoping for a clean bill of health. They are going to put her on a feeding schedule, too, which would be very helpful. Last night she gorged mightily and it all came back up...on me...after a horrible burping accident. Of course, she was unfazed, and hungry again 15 minutes later. Fatherhood at its finest. :-)


More photos!

Well, I've put together a little photo album at Flickr.com to show Sylvia in all her glory.... Thanks a million for all the well wishes we've received from all our fantastic friends and family!

Check out more Sylvia photos here.