How I spent my Tuesday

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I got to ride in the car today and go to Target.
We first stopped and got mama a coffee so she would not get a caffeine headache. I slept thru almost the whole trip and we bought my soon-to-be new cousin stuff for his baby shower!

I slept in the car coming home. The car is warm and cozy!
Then we came home and we discovered that the dryer died! Oy vey. So we called dad and we decided to get both a new washer AND dryer. So Wednesday mama and I are going appliance shopping. But, we also had to call the plumber as it seemed that the drain pipe for the washer backed up a bit here and there. So this Wedneday morning we had the plumber come here and snake the drain and he got rid of all the fuzz in the drain. yahoo! he was nice to me and his name was Fred.

But I digress, so yesterday I spent the afternoon with mama in the house and I did two great sessions of tummy time, talked to myself, then dada came home and we hung out and then after dada weeded the scary big weeds out of the garden, dada gave me a bath! See my photo. I love baths. I use nummy smelling soap that mama's friend Nadine gave her that is made from goat's milk.

I slept quite well.

Ok, gotta jump!

Time to take some chill time in my swing.