Don't ban the bonfires!

I read with dismay a story posted on the SFGate.com site this morning about an impending ban on Ocean Beach bonfires.

The bonfire tradition is special to Jenny and I because that's where we met: at a bonfire on Ocean Beach. It would be a real shame if other folks couldn't have the same opportunity to gather, meet, and fall in love that we did.

The ocean is so cold in S.F., that really, bonfires are one of the only good ways to enjoy the Pacific. And while I understand the problems faced by the SFPD, the Park Service, and the local residents, I don't think banning the fires is the way to go. I hope that volunteer clean-up crews will step up to the plate to save this wonderful San Francisco tradition. [photo taken from sfgate.com/Kim Komenich]


Randy Freaking Rhoades

My mom must have heard me trying to master this riff about 18 million times. Sorry mom! When I was in middle/high school, I wanted to be this guy SO bad...

Randy Rhoades was from outer space, people. He redefined the instrument, IMHO.


Blindness freaking sucks

Sweet mother of crimeny.

I went to the opthamologist yesterday for a check up and to get my new prescription. I need new glasses because my little daughter has this game she calls "grab the specs." Last week she expanded the game to "...and break them in half." :-( Alas, my spec-tacular Scandanavian glasses are no more.

Soooo....I headed up to the opthamologist to get my examination. During the exam, he puts these crazy pupil-dilation drops in my eyes. I have never had this done before and I was not thrilled when I discovered that it renders you unable to focus on anything less than 10 feet away. Oh, and it also makes any sunlight burn your eyeballs right out of your skull.

Not able to drive home after the appointment, I stumbled into the Army surplus store next door and bought the cheapest sunglasses they had ($12). Couldn't read the tag, so I hope the guy didn't rip me off TOO bad.

Then I squinted my way to Bethesda's famous Rock Bottom Brewery to kill time until I could see well enough to drive again. Couldn't read the menu, and had to ask some girl sitting next to me to find Jason's number on my cell phone. Jason thought this would be a good pick up line; he may try it. If it works, look for him to be sporting shades and a white cane in the near future.

It took a full seven hours for the dilation to wear off, and I felt weird and queasy for the whole time. Not fun.