Awesome vacation in Wild, Wonderful WV

We went down to our place on the Greenbrier river in WV for a whole week last week...what a blast!

My folks were there with us, which means that Sylvie Boo was in heaven bossing grandma and papa around the place: "Papa do it!" was the common refrain of the week.

Boo Boo caught her first fish ever, a tiny bluegill barely bigger than the lure itself, and when my mom asked her if she caught a fish she yelled, "YES! BIG ONE!" :-)

I did indeed catch a big 17" smallmouth bass on the last day, which is always a thrill. I was by myself in the canoe, a long way down the river from the camp, and didn't have a net with me. As I was de-hooking the fish with my thumb in its mouth I had a sudden image of the fish squirming and impaling my thumb on the treble hook in its mouth. All I could think was, "how the hell am I gonna paddle home with a fish stuck to my hand?"

Luckily, I successfully got the lure unhooked and returned the monster to the depths to breed other 17" fish.

Jenny and I had a date at the Greenbrier resort, which was fantastic. We had lunch by the infinity pool and then did a tour of the secret, underground bunker where Congress would hide in case of a nuclear attack. That was really cool. If you think that the X-Files type secret government stuff only happens on TV, you're mistaken. Crazy stuff.

It was really hard to come home and go back to work. What a great week!