More birthday stuff

I had grand visions of the birthday cake that I was going to bake and decorate for Sylvia. Well, the planning ideas vs. the reality of the party were very different.
So, my mom (who had flown in from California w. my dad), baked the cake, made the frosting and helped me decorate it.

I now understand the power of delegation!

Here's a photo of the cake and my attempt of a volcano:

Sylvie's birthday/4th of July recap

Well, we had a fantastic party for Sylvie's 1st birthday on Saturday. Both sets of grandparents came in, and we had about 25 guests to help us celebrate. I simply cannot believe it's already been a year since Sylvia came into our lives. She has grown into such a wonderful, friendly, super fun kid, and I'm the proudest daddy out there, let me tell you!

My folks hung around for the 4th, and we cooked out, watched the Italy/Germany game, and had a great time together. It was hard to go back to work today, that's for sure!


Ahhh Painkillers...

It's 11p EDT, July 2, 2006.

One year ago today, at this exact time, I received my epidural.

Epidural: it's a good thing.

After an emergency C-section, Sylvia was born at 355a, July 3, 2005.
Where has this past year gone?

Today has been a teary and sentimental day for me.

Happy Almost Birthday to my sweet girl.
I love you,