Travel mania

Went to Chicago for a conference last week and this week I'm in NYC for another one! Whew! Jenny's mom came in to stay with her and the baby while I'm away, so that's good.

Last night I went down to the Lower East Side to get some dinner and see some bands, both of which were very good. Silo, in particular, was fantastic. I went with a good buddy of mine from D.C., Keith. Neither of us knew the other was coming to the show, so it's a good thing we ran into each other on the exhibit hall floor. Strange how those types of things work out.

I really love NYC. I'm not sure living here would be all it was cracked up to be if you didn't pull in at least $500K/year, though. It would be torture to have to scrape by on PB&J with all these good restaurants just sitting there taunting you every night.