Tennis Anyone?

Joe and I went to the Legg Mason Tennis Tournament last night. My office took us and about 15 other employees. It was fun and we got to see Andre Agassi play and win!

The New Jersey Devil

Went to the New Jersey shore with my mom and her friend Jane to stay at Jane's Beach House (Jen's writing the blog entry this time). It was fun. Had a great timing riding the bike around from the bay to the beach -- the island is only 3 blocks wide!
Coming home we had to make a pitstop and I tried to stop in Piney Barren to do so. No such luck. It turns out that there are "no working restrooms" in all of Piney Barren. Very weird. The area is odd as it's the 28 mile drive between off-island and on the island and it's pine trees in sand as far as the eye can see. I could see Tony Soprano, taking care of business there, if you catch my drift.
I guess there is a ton of folklore associated with the area. Supposedly there is a devil/dragon-like creature that lives there in the woods. Didn't see any dragon...bummer.