A casa como siempre ¡Coño!

Well, both my teams are now officially out of the World Cup. The U.S. I kind of figured would bow out early, but the Spaniards, well, I had high hopes this time. They always choke in the WC, though, so my hopes weren't all that high.

The worst part of it is that we got served by the Frogs. That really hurts. Here are my picks for the rest of the tourney:

England 2 - Portugal 1 The Portuguese are such whiney biotches. I hope the Engerlanders can destroy them.

Brazil 3 - France 2 The Frogs will put up a good fight on this one, but the Brazilians keep doing just enough to win, which is what they'll do here, too.

Germany 3 - Argentina 1 This is going to be the surprise of the tournament. Germany looks damn good. So do Argentina, but they'll be overconfident. Don't underestimate the home field advantage, either.

Italy 2 - Ukraine 0 An easy win for the pasta-eaters.

Then for the semis:

Germany 2 - Italy 2 (Germany on PKs)

Brazil 2 - England 0

Brazil 3 - Germany 1

If you're betting on the Cup, bet against all the picks above. I suck at this.


Water water everywhere

Quite a storm this has been.
Sunday we lost power for over 6 hours in the middle of a very muggy day.
We've had lots of road closures, flooding and mudslides in the area:
See map --
We've been OK (knock wood) but we are constantly checking the basement for water and Joe's been outside pushing water off the tent a million times...
Another set of storms is supposed to hit this afternoon.
Sylvia and I will go run to the library today after her nap and before her lunch, in order to get a second of fresh air and get out of the house!!!!
We spend most afternoons with Sylvia napping or playing with her toys.
I am going a bit stir crazy.