Questionable Content: Too indie for my own good.

Meet Faye. Faye is a character on one of the cooler and better executed Web-based comics I've run across: Questionable Content.

Faye lives with Marten (the "show's" central character), and they enjoy a roommate relationship based on the stereotypical, yet strangely unannoying Scully/Mulder, Dave/Maddy, etc. sexual tension employed by countless sitcoms. Will they or won't they? Oooo, they almost opened up that episode.... Are they gonna kiss????? You know the drill.

The storyline revolves around these two indie rock hipsters living in an anonymous northern city: rest assured that with this entire cast of characters (robot computer sex-addict pet, best friends with 17 year-old jailbait girlfriends, recovering goth rocker boss, annoying, yet lovable ex-goth co-worker, et al) wacky indie hijinks are sure to ensue.

The artwork is superb, and the scripts, while clichéd, are strangely addictive. You can't read just one.

Start at episode one and keep going. Pretty cool stuff.

BTW, I'm not really the comic book geek in the extended family. That would be Suzi.

On the home front

Well, I haven't been blogging too much lately due to work stuff, mostly, so here's an update to get you up to speed:

Jenny is so cute with her big ol' belly. Skinny girl, big belly! I love to put my hand on there and feel the little thing kicking and rolling around....so weird, yet so cool.

I played in a blues jam on Sunday in Takoma Park. The DC Blues Society puts on this open-mic type jam on the first Sunday of every month, and I finally got around to heading down there. Didn't rock, but I didn't stink up the place either, which is fine since that was the first time I've played on stage with other human beings since the "Creek" debacle two years ago. I had to sing for my three-song set, and I can never remember the words to songs, so I just mumbled in true blues fashion. As long as you throw in a few "you make me so sad, baby"'s and "I woke up this morning"'s, all is cool.

I've got an "audition" for a band coming up this Sunday, if all goes well. (Musicians are notoriously flakey, so you can't really count on anything happening until it does.) Dudes live right in our neighborhood, so the commute to practice would be cake.

Jenny and I are in the midst of a "how-to-have-a-baby" class at the hospital where we expect to give birth. Did you ever see the Bill Cosby bit about those classes? It's totally like that. We've learned a lot, though. Stuff like: Epidurals are good. Very good.