We woke up this morning to snow! Last week we had some awesome days where it was in the 70's and 80's and now this...was not ready to go back to Winter.

Since we thought the weather was finally getting warm, Sylvia and I have been going on many adventures together:
-we did a drive-by of the Cherry Blossom trees
-went to the National Aquarium,
-walked in the Smithsonian Castle's garden
-walked on the Mall,
-walked around and looked at the artwork at the Hirshorn
this was all in one morning!!!! PHEW.

We also have been going to Brookside Gardens a lot, so Sylvia can run free.

She's been able to wear her Spring hat as well as ride around in her wagon.

This week she was a "lady who lunches" as we went to lunch at Cafe Deluxe with mama's friend from work, Meg.

She also helped mama pick out some new hedges for the house; Dada had to pull out four dead azaleas last weekend and now we have to find replacement plants.