Beach Trip and a new guitar!!!!

This past weekend, Jenny and I went down to the Delaware shore to visit Rehoboth Beach. Our hotel was a total dump from the outside, but the newly renovated rooms were okay, and most importantly, clean. For the record, we stayed at the Henlopen hotel. It's right on the beach, so the locale is nice, but Rehoboth seems to have changed a bit since my last visit in '95 (or maybe I'm the one who's changed). We were looking for something a little more quaint and quiet. Lewes beach perhaps? We may try that one next time. Still had a good time overall, and the weather was fantastic (although the water was pretty chilly).

When we got back to D.C., I noticed that someone was selling a Les Paul Standard (with DesertBurst finish) on craigslist. Craigslist.org, for the uninitiated, is a Web site that is sort of like online classifieds. Anywho...I contacted the guy, went to see the guitar, and bought it from him. I've been wanting a L.P. Standard for a while, and this one amazingly has all of the features I would have ordered from the Gibson factory were I custom ordering a L.P.: '60s style thin neck, desertburst finish, chrome hardware, lots of great flames in the maple top, and the price was $600 lower than a brand new one (it's a 2003). Check out the photos of the beach trip and the guitar here.

My birthday is on Thursday, so we're going to Millie and Al's in Adams Morgan for beers. Fun! Then Jason is coming down this weekend to join us for a group house with some of Jenny's work friends at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Let the fishing begin!!!!