Last "date day"

Beautiful wreath on St. Michaels
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Last Saturday, Joe and I took our last patented Jen-Joe roadtrip and had a "date day" in St. Michael's. It's on the Eastern side of Chesapeake Bay.
It's a very cute town with a main street, a ton of mid-to-late 1800's era buildings and yummy seafood. We ate at a restaurant right on the harbor that a local recommended -- it was SO good. Crab cakes for me. YUM. Plus a virgin piña colada. I am crazy that way!

Basically we walked up and down the main street, looked in shops, looked at cool houses, had an ice cream cone and sat on a porch and watched people go by. Also, I signed up to try to win a 1966 Mustang convertible (cherry red with a beige top, aka my dream car). The St. Michael's Rotary Club was selling raffle tix...so I signed up...


Totally Rad

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My evil twin is pictured at right, doing what he does best: playing the hell out of a guitar.

Johnny Rad was the other guitarist in my college-era band, The Feast of Stephen. Nowadays he's living in Parkersburg, WV and plays mostly at singer/songwriter events. His songs are fantastic, with "Free the Frogs" being my personal favorite.

The cool thing about playing in a band with Rad was that our styles are completely different, so they compliment each other well.

Where he is technically adept at the instrument, I am a sloppy mess of a player; where his phrasing is modal and uses complex chord voicings to weave texture into the song, I bash on my strings as hard as I can in the hopes of an unexpected, feedback-aided sonic discovery; while he can play YYZ, I can play Tom Sawyer. You get the picture.

Anyway, in the photo at right he is using his super powers for good at a songwriters' cancer benefit. Go Rad!


Working for the weekend

Life here in the D.C. Metro area is all wet right now....yuk! Last year at this time it was 90 degrees. Where is summer? I'm sure it will arrive soon enough and press its heavy, humid foot down on the back of our necks and make us beg for fall again.

Actually, I don't mind the heat too much. Some folks find it oppressive, but after almost 10 years of Bay Area 55 degree backyard BBQs all "summer" long, I'm ready for some bakin'!

I can't believe the baby is almost here!!!! Jenny and I went to her doctor's office today for a scheduled appointment, and the doc told us that the baby could come at any time now (although we're still scheduled for an Independence Day arrival). It's so weird to think of being a dad. I hope I can live up to a tenth of how good a dad mine is. It's scary as hell, mind you, but exhilerating nonetheless.

This weekend promises to be a busy—and fun—one. Jason and Liz are both coming in to visit and we have a BBQ scheduled with our cool neighbors, Bill and Kim, for Memorial Day. Fun!


34 weeks and '80s movies

How do these two relate? Well, I am 34 weeks along being prego and the AP (aka alien peanut) is playing out scenes from "Footloose" and "Flashdance," while inside.

It's insane the amount of movement that's happening. Arms/legs are flying around and rise up from the belly. Day...night...afternoon...sitting here at work... doesn't matter...it dances around so much! Sometimes I think it's doing jumping jacks, as it feels like all limbs are going at the same time. Watch out Denise Austin, we may have a fitness prince/princess that will be challenging you in the near future.