Nite out!

We went on our first nite out since being back here in DC. We ate dinner (at this neat place in Silver Spring called, Jackie's and had a drink (at the Quarry House) with our neighbors and friends, Bill and Kim. They are cool as they put up w. our constant Sylvia talk! Though we really tried to keep it in check tonight.
My mom's in town and babysat for us...
Here's a photo our petite fashionista wearing a handknitted hat and sweater, made by my mom.
Sorry this is a random blog but I am tired.


Blog slacking

Just wanted to apologize for the slack blogging lately. Things have been pretty crazy at the homestead and office, and honestly, we haven't had time.

Jenny's mom is in town this week to get some Sylvie time, which is nice.

Can I just say that I don't know how I lived without DVR capabilities for so long? When we got the DISH Network installed (including butt-ugly satellite dish on our roof...bah!), our package included DVR for two rooms. Now I have it set to record EVERY televised English Premier League and Spanish La Liga soccer game! OH MY GOD I'M IN SOCCER HEAVEN NOW!!!! :-)