Book published!

My mom's cousins' book is going to be available at the end of October.
This is SO exciting!
Please check it out as my Grandma Ida's recipes should be in there.
I am so proud.


Follow-up on my eye surgery

Well, that certainly sucked. The procedure only lasted about 10 minutes, but I've got to tell you, that crap that they inject into your face to numb it freaking kills. It must have the viscosity of maple syrup, because it seemed like he was slowly squeezing a pound of acid into my eye socket. It really hurt.

They then clamped my eye open with a device straight out of "A Clockwork Orange" and removed a small amber pellet out of my eyelid. Sorry if this is TMI, by the way. Turns out a sty had gone evil and decided to crystalize and stay a while. Not fun.

Pretty much back to normal now, though, thank goodness.