Creative Cutie

Today we met some of my friends and their kids at the Smithsonian for a performance of "Dance Africa!" Well, there was no dancing (at least at the beginning) so poor Sylvia freaked out and we had to punt. She had been prepping in the car on the way down. Dancing, wiggling her shoulders and getting ready to boogie. All her friends were fidgety and I think that it also why she wanted to leave...sorta a monkey see, monkey do situation. I have to admit that she did follow the directions of performer really well, but I think the performance was better for bigger kids.
SO, after we left, we headed to a farmer's market on the Mall with our friends and Syl picked out three beautiful tomatoes and a cantaloupe. YUM.
Then we rode the carousel. Then we walked to the Hirshorn Museum.
Then we came home. Breathe IN, breathe out!

We actually went to the Hirshorn earlier this week and the carousel and the Hirshorn's Scultpure Garden but she wanted to go again today. We went to the 2nd floor today of the museum. Tuesday we went to the 3rd floor. Next week we'll try the National Gallery of Art.

We had a lot of adventures this week that I will blog about later but I am too tired to type more tonight.

I'll take the back seat, please

According to a new study by Popular Mechanics magazine, you are WAY more likely to survive an airplane crash if you are behind the wings. Here's the diagram:

Photo by PopularMechanics.com


New look for an old blog

We've updated the Googleiffic back-end templates for the blog and since we were doing that anyway, we figured, what the hell, some new colors couldn't hurt! Whatchuthinkaboutdat?


Full Summer Mode

We've been in FSM lately: Barbequeing every night or just about every night, hitting the pools (both backyard and cement variety) with the Boo, and sipping on nectar and ice. The weather here in the DC Metro has been hot and dry, with less humidity than we normally get swamped with this time of year.

The skeeters have been held at bay a bit by the lack of rain, which has been a godsend. We've actually been able to let Sylvie play in the yard this summer! Crazy!!!!

Hope all of our friends and family are having as good a summer as we are!