How much is $87 Billion? Check this:

A whole lot of dough.

SICKENING. Esp. the quote about how much we spend on homeland security.

Make No Mistake: McCain is a tool/New Jenny-Joe News

From today's Washington Post.com (bold is mine): "Senator John McCain, the maverick Arizona Republican who has lately emerged as a strong supporter of President Bush, called Thursday for the Supreme Court of Florida to allow Ralph Nader's name on the state's presidential ballot.

The state's highest court, which was deeply embroiled in the contested election in Florida in 2000, is to hear arguments on Friday on whether the Reform Party is a legitimate national party and whether Mr. Nader can run as its party's presidential candidate in the Nov. 2 election.

Polls indicate that Mr. Nader draws votes from Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, which could help President Bush in close states like Florida. Mr. Nader won more than 97,000 votes in the state in 2000. Most of those votes, analysts from both parties agree, would probably have gone to Al Gore, the Democratic nominee, and would have won Mr. Gore the presidency."

On the Jenny/Joe front:
Last weekend my folks were in town, and we had a real blast hanging out with them. We went down to the WWII Memorial on the mall, toured Julia Child's kitchen at the American History Museum, and went to the National Cathedral, where it was—unbelievably—West Virginia Day. Is that weird, or what? We even ran into and met Gov. Bob Wise in the Cathedral. Strange how things work sometimes.

This weekend Jenny's sister, Liz, is in town. Should be a good time if Ivan doesn't rain on our parade the whole time.

I've been loving my new iPod Mini that Jenny got me for my b-day. I'm rediscovering CDs and music long lost in the CD collection, till now buried under a pile of god knows what in my closet. Current playlist: Smiths Best Vol. II, Lou Reed Vicious, Archers of Loaf vs. the Greatest of All Time. Good stuff.