Photorama/Death From Above 1979

Blogger has finally gotten around to letting you upload images directly into your post, thank god. That said, Flickr's system was pretty easy too. But I'm lazy, so I'd rather only go to one site to do one task (blog).

Did you ever notice how most bands suck? Well they do. (Many would say mine does and I do, too, which is their right even though they can kiss my lilly white culu.) Well, here's one band that Does Not Suck: Death From Above 1979. One distorted bass and one drumset, and they really groove. Try it, you'll like it. Hey mikey.


Crimeny, what a hassle!

So sorry to everyone who tried to download the Humbucker files and couldn't yesterday. I've got a ZIP file that I can send anyone who wants it. Or you can use this link to download it (It should work, although it's a big download.)


Just email me a the_lurking_one AT hotmail DOT com, and I'll shoot off a CD to you. Also includes a cool PDF of the album's liner notes.


My new solo album...FINALLY!

humbucker small
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Well, I'm finally ready to release some new music. It's been a long, long while since I've put out an album of my stuff, but I hope this will be the first of a flurry of work from me.

The album is called "Humbucker" and includes 7 of my newest recordings. Here's the track rundown:

Another Bass: Sort of a techno feel, in keeping with the experimental aspects of the album. I wanted something you could dance around the house to.Download

Ballentine: This is the first single off the album. This song originated as a riff I'd been working on for a while but couldn't get any lyrics to fit with. Then one night in our D.C. apartment I was sitting there looking at Hoops and Yoyo and got inspired. Download

Blarney Take 2: This is a cover song about someone slowly turning into a social vampire, originally written by my brilliant friends in the now-defunct Portland band, Lucky. I knew the songwriters, Sean Richardson and Keith Walters, from back in my college days when they were in StrawFyssh, a Charleston, WV band that played with Feast of Stephen on more than one occasion. These guys are amazing songwriters. Download

Gap Soundtrack: I wanted to try my hand at an instrumental that would be good background music for a movie. Download

Jellyfish Eater: The tragic story of a girl, a beach, and a washed-up jelly. The other single off the album, and my favorite song on here. Download

On the Dance Floor: I originally wasn't sold on this song, but Jenny couldn't quit singing it around the house, so I thought I might be on to something. Download

Red Wine and Good News: I love this song. It's sung in an imaginary language. :-) Download

To get to the files and download them, right click on the "Download" link and "Save as" to your HD. I hope you enjoy the record. I had fun making it.



My big toenails are as sharp as razor blades. Seriously they are deadly weapons. I remarked about them to Jenny tonight:

"My toenails are really sharp."
"I know, you slice my legs to ribbons every night."
"You should use my file to make them dull."
"But then how would I kill my prey?"