Almost heaven

Well, Jenny and I drove to the river on Friday to spend the weekend with my folks. It's so great to be able to go home without having to go to the airport. The drive is just long enough to be a pain in the neck (5 1/2 hrs), but not so long as to be out of the question. In fact, once we got past Centerville and out of the Rt. 66 traffic hell, it's a pretty easy drive.

The best parts of the weekend:
1. Seeing the look on Dad's face when he saw us drive up to the camp (he was not expecting us since it was a Father's Day surprise)
2. Seeing my Mom and Granny again after too long
3. Catching a few small bass (even the little ones jump a foot out of the water!)
4. The stoned idjuts that (a.) made our Subway sandwiches in Harrisburg and (b.) sold me my fishing license in Lowell, WV
5. No humidity! A miracle if there ever was one
6. Jenny's day of antique-ing with Mom and Aunt Agnes

All in all a wonderful weekend in WV!

Now back to job-hunting hell....