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I am holding down the fort tonight as Joe's sick. He has a nasty cold that literally has had him down for the past 24 hours. He's been holed away in our guest room b/c he's scared to get Sylvia sick. Poor thing. I leave him food, tea, water and meds at the door and he takes it into the room. He won't let me get exposed either. Sylvia has been very good today and that helps me alot.
Here's a photo of us that I took just before her bedtime:


What I did over Labor Day weekend

1. Went to WV to see grandma and grandpa

2. Drooled on grandpa

3. Slept on grandma

4. Daddy showed me everything green (trees, river, etc.)

5. Mommy drank Boone's Farm

6. Wore fabulous shades (see my photo above)

7. Met my cousins Emily and Lindsey

8. Drank lots and lots of milk and formula

9. Saw my doggie

10. Pooped.

--by Sylvia