What the hell? Zidane loses his mind.

Whoa. I DID NOT see that one coming. I don't think anyone did. Honestly, I was actually holding my nose and rooting for France in the final (the lesser of two evils, I guess, and I didn't want another Euro team to have more than three Cup titles). I thought the game was well played with substantially less Italiodiving than previous matches, and Zidane looked particularly good for the French side.

The French were starting to really take control of the game and the Italians were looking like they were dreading another disasterous PK scenario. Then, out of nowhere, Zidane BLASTS Materazzi with the most vicious head butt I've ever seen. He literally took the unawares defender off his feet, and Materazzi didn't look to be faking the ensuing pain. Look at it this way: Zidane makes his living using his head to strike a soccer ball at speeds approaching 30mph. That is some serious force, and when that type of force is applied directly to someone's sternum, that has got to hurt.

Of course France went on to blow the game on Trez's botched PK and the rest is history. I'm still dying to know what was said that could make such an experienced, normally calm player fly so completely off the handle in the middle of the biggest game of his career. It's gotta be better than "yo mamma wears combat boots," certainly. (Early press reports were along the lines of "your sister is a whore.") Time, and one hopes, Zidane, will tell.


Birthday Girl + Cake

I have finally uploaded some birthday photos...more to come via email later!
Sylvia also had her first bday doc appt this past week...she did great!
She's a petite chick in terms of height, which is no suprise considering how TALL Joe and I are! She weighs 24 pounds, 9 ounces.

She now HAS to eat food herself at the beginning of every meal. So I chop up bananas, cooked broccoli, cheese, O's etc. and give her those first and then she'll have some pureed food...She's also transitioning from formula to whole milk.
We're introducing new foods every three days. So this week will be tomatoes, wheat,garlic, olive oil...Hoping she can have some pasta with us soon.

We think she's on the verge of walking as she loves to stand and let go and she's able to go between Joe and I, taking a mini-step or too. Mostly though she loves to stand at the toy bin (aka a Sterilite plastic box) and yank and throw all the toys out of it, then crawl at a rapid pace around the room then chuck the soccer ball at Joe, then bang on the gate, then stand and bang on the door and then try to climb on the couch and get the remote and then try to pull all the kleenex out of the box, then try to bang the TV, then try to drop her mini piano on her own toes, then "read"
and then play with her mega legos, then dance when jazz music comes on...and point at her belly button whenever you start a sentence with "where is your..." - everything is the belly button and then do down dog and laugh, then grab mamas face and then bite mama's nose, zerbert mamas shoulder, hug and kiss dadas fuzzy head....
PHEW. This is all in 15 min. HAHA!
Can I go to bed now?