I have to go into the opthamologist today to have minor eyelid surgery. I'm really dreading it, as it involves several sharp objects being inserted into my face. I'm not good with needles in the best of circumstances, and having someone poke one into my eyelid is not the most fun thing I can think of to do this afternoon. Wish me luck.


Election Day Fiasco

Well, here in MD, it's primary election day. I usually never miss the chance to vote, so I made my way first thing this morning to the neighborhood elementary school that doubles as my polling place. Unfortunately, I was unable to cast my vote.

Here in decently upscale Montgomery County, we apparently have trouble getting voter authorization cards to the electronic voting machines on time. So, I was informed upon my arrival that I would not be able to vote electronically, but I could wait 30 minutes and cast a provisional ballot. I didn't have 30 minutes. Like most folks, I had to go to work. So I left.

The volunteer told me that the polls will remain open until 8pm, and possibly later, and I will trek back after work. But I wonder how many folks won't bother to make the second effort. Probably most of them.

Why, oh why, is it so freaking difficult to vote (and have your vote actually counted) in this country? It's high time that America gets its collective sh!t together on this issue.