Gary Shandling

I hereby declare Live Totem Pole EP by fIREHOSE to be the most ass-rocking cover album ever produced ever. EVER!


Rock god.

Interviewer: So you're some kind of "spaceman," then?
Ace: No, actually, I'm a plumber.


Group project hell

What do you do when you are assigned a group project worth 25% of your final grade and two of the four members in your group are (a) a plagiarist or (b) an illiterate?

Team member "A" cut and pasted entire sections of her contribution directly from sources assigned by the professor and used Wikipedia as a source. Team member "B" included sentences such as "...women, as appose to men..." And "the stradegies include...."

I ended up just sucking it up and writing my section and theirs. Life is too short to educate people in grad school on 8th-grade level term-paper skills.