Where'd they go?

My tulips that is. So I came out of the house this morning to find my tulips had been neatly lopped of. Just the tops! I was freaking out as I thought someone had come by and cut them off.
What a weird vandal. A bouquet vandal. Then my neighbors told me it's DEER. Deer...eating my tulips -- what a bummer...


Weekend party blues

So we're having a housewarming/cookout party this Saturday. Around 20 locals, brew, patio fun. Or not. T-storms are currently in the forecast. Crap. One good thing about California weather that I miss: never having to worry that rain will spoil your outdoor plans, since it never rains after March.


This is the best description of an electric guitar ever written.

"There is something raw, incredibly dumb and utterly irresistible about the electric guitar. You can wank an electric guitar. It's a cock. It's a gun. It's a cockgun. You can peel back its shiny metal foreskin and stab its screaming purple head directly into a crowd's brain and fuck it to death - blasting chunks of utterly satiated punterflesh in every direction with every nerve shredding ejaculation. You just can't do that with a synthesiser."

I fancy myself a bit of a writer, but I bow to the wordsmith who penned that hilarious, yet amazingly accurate portrayal of why electric guitar is the coolest instrument on Earth.

Here's the full article.

How many little kids have to die before we'll install seat belts in buses?

Yesterday in Arlington a school bus crashed head-on into a garbage truck, tragically kiling one grade schooler. It's ironic because just last weekend my dad and I were talking about how reprehensible it is that we, as a society, have an unlimited amount of funds to bomb the living shit out of anyone, anywhere, anytime, yet we deem it "too expensive" to mandate and install seat belts on school buses. I remarked to him that, like seemingly every major regulatory change, it will take a major accident before this issue is properly addressed. Well, here it is. :-(