Cool weekend trip

This past weekend we went to the Virginia mountains with some friends of ours, Allison, Etienne, and their baby, Beck.

They rent a small house in the middle of a field right at the foot of a mountain range that is simply beautiful. The place is really in the middle of nowhere (actually, Syria, VA), which is fantastic when you're trying to get away from it all. The place doesn't have a TV, which was great for conversation and ghost stories. At one point in the '60s, some farm worker murdered his wife in the house's living room (or so the story goes), so we were freaking on that for a while! :-)

We also discovered that Allison and Etienne are huge Buffy freaks, just like us, so we compared favorite episodes while listening to the soundtrack from "Once More, With Feeling." (Allison had it on her iPod!)

Sylvie and Beck had fun playing together, as usual, with the only bummer being that they both had colds (as did Allison and I) and so couldn't really romp that much.

All in all a great trip and we hope to go back if they'll have us! Jenny will post pix soon, I'm sure.....