Lazy = brain sucker

This product freaked me out.
It's a motorized snot sucker for your infant's nose.
They should have a warning: "could suck your child's brain, right out of it's head."
Yes, it's a bummer to have to use a manual nasal aspirator but seems alot safer to use the one that the hospital uses, yes?

Nasal Clear

The only aspirator that really works! You told us that when it comes to your sick baby, manual nasal aspirators don't measure up. They're invasive, inefficient — and they make already stuffy babies even more uncomfortable. That's why this ingenious electronic aspirator is worth its weight in gold. It suctions so effectively, you barely touch it to baby's nostrils, and before he can squirm, you're done! It even plays distracting songs. You'll congratulate yourself for buying it every time you use it...and you'll use it for years. With see-thru collection cup and two soft tips. Requires 2 "AA" batteries (sold separately). Newborns and up. Note: Due to health reasons, we are unable to accept returns on any opened packages.


My Life on Hold

Well, the band (My Life on Hold...or MyLOH, for short) is really coming together. We've recorded four demos that we're using to (we hope) get some gigs around town...stay tuned on that front.

Ken's addition as singer was the final piece of the puzzle, and we are writing new songs like crazy now. I think it's sounding really good. I can't wait to get out there and play for folks!