Can't breathe - am laughing too hard


Geek Niche

I've got to hand it to these guys.

You've got to love the Internet when it fosters the entreprenurial dreams of a couple of D&D geeks who just want to sell dice, dammit.

Check this description of one of their dice sets, which is a perfect example of geek humor: "These stylish dice feature swirls of white against black, like wisps of smoke rising into darkest night. Or--you know--whatever. "

If you don't know what a d12 is, I don't really have space to explain it to you here. But suffice it to say that if you never found yourself and some buddies locked down in your parents' basement with a half-dozen 2-liters of Jolt and an insane amount of Rush cassettes and Cheetos on any given Saturday night in middle school, you probably wouldn't understand anyway.

Live the dream, dudes! And if any of you need dice, dicepool.com is where it's at.


Holy crap! Bomb scare on my corner!

So, my entire block was just shut down due to a suspicious backpack on the corner of L and 17th, NW, A FRICKING 1/2 BLOCK FROM THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO MY BUILDING!!!!!

We were able to watch out my coworker's office window as a Kevlar clad bomb squad cop positioned a small, remote-controlled gun next to the abandoned backpack, and then shot it with the remote-controlled gun! Blam! A bunch of papers flew out, but no explosion followed thank goodness. Whoever left that backpack on the streetcorner is in some deep doo-doo, methinks.

Thanks for your support!

First off, let me thank those of you who have, on this blog and elsewhere, passed along kind words of encouragement to me since the death of my grandmother. I really appreciate the support. As Jenny and I have both said many times, we love you all!

Now, on to happier subjects.

It's not snowing in D.C., and we're all healthy and happy! Life is good!