Ready, oh so ready, for the weekend

Man, is it just me, or do 4-day workweeks seem longer than the regular 5 days we normally slog through? I was preparing a meeting packet this week, and that's always brutal, but for some reason, it really kicked my culu this time.

We're going to brave the ice storm and go to our friends' house on Capitol Hill tonight for dinner. I need some conversation, vino, and good food like a mofo, let me tell you.

In other news, the baby is moving around inside Jenny all the time now, and we're trying to figure out whether it's playing soccer or dancing or both. I always put my mouth next to Jenny's belly and yell "What are you DOING in there?!?" :-) Jenny thinks it's weird, but it worked for Boo Boo when she was in there, and it will work for this one: they come out ready to rock! :-)

I've been getting together with my old bassist from MyLOH to play some new music. We are having my friend Etienne come over to play drums tomorrow and see it that clicks musically. Stay tuned for new music in the short term!

Gah! Will 5pm NEVER GET HERE?!?!?!?!?!