More, and different, board member madness

Well, guess who is the newest member of the M_ontgomery C_ounty A_nimal M_atters H_earing B_oard? That's right, M_e. (If I keep doing stuff I don't want Googled, this site is going to need an Enigma machine.)

The deal is this: I'm trying to become more active in the community and also strenghen my resume without resorting to grad school. I figured being on a board or two couldn't hurt, so I started applying to several county board openings that I thought would be interesting and fulfilling. I had a couple interviews, and ended up getting nominated to be on the A_nimal M_atters H_earing B_oard. Pretty cool!

What does the board do? Well think of the show Animal Cops. The board members are the ones who get to work after the cops do their thing to rule on disputes involving animals. So let's say your neighbor's mutt won't shut up. You file a complaint with the county. The board decides who's right and who's wrong. Or...let's say you keep your horse tied up with no food or water. We decide whether or not you get a hefty fine. Same for dangerous animals in the neighborhood, enforcing leash laws, etc.

The cool thing about this gig is that I'll (one hopes) be in the postion to be able to actually do some real good in the community. I hope that I'll be able to play a part in keeping people and animals in the county safe and happy. I'm looking forward to getting started with it. Wish me luck!