Spring is here!

Spring is definitely here in DC and every day it gets prettier as more trees and flowers begin to bloom. But along with the blooming are also our raging allergies...

We had a great weekend and Joe did a bunch of house stuff. He scrubbed the algae/green stuff off the house and the shed, he began to paint the kitchen cabinets (we're going to look for a different color, so it's on hold), he put on some screens so we can open the sunroom windows (YAH!), he weeded my peonies so they would not get choked, he repotted my new plant by the front door, he painted/removed rust from our front porch railing, he raked up old leaves and weeded this very overgrown spot in the backyard, he took out the patio furniture, last weekend he went to the dump to get rid of all this junk/wood that the previous owners of our house left here, he also babysat for me so I could get some time away both on Saturday and Sunday! PHEW. I am tired just from writing this.
Thanks Joe!