Salsa/Merengue lessons

Jenny and I joined a group called The International Club of D.C., which sponsors cool Embassy events and other stuff. Last night we went to learn how to do Latin dancing. Pretty fun. It's funny to see how the 3/4 English/Scottish/Irish/German/Dutch side of me takes over completely and kicks the 1/4 Spanish side to the curb whenever a latin rhythm comes on. On the flip side, maybe I could really swivel my hips to some Highlands bagpipes?



It's about time.

After a tough month of interview after pointless interview, the American Academy of Actuaries has hired me to be their Publications and Marketing Production Manager. The title ain't much, granted (I'd rather have something with "editor" in the title), but they actually offered me a decent salary with full bennies, and the office is a mere four stops from my METRO station (UDC/Van Ness). It's a small staff of 40 or so people, which means I'll be a man with many hats to wear around the office. My main job will be to coordinate the production of Contingencies, the bi-monthly magazine they produce. Check the place out at www.actuary.org. In addition, I'll be doing the newsletter and tons of marketing collateral. I'm going to try to push the editing/writing angle as well once I'm fully entrenched in the place. I'm psyched.

The apartment is currently awash with cardboard, as we've yet to find the floor since the move. Slowly but surely, I'm digging us out into the land of normal people again. It's been f*&king hot here this week, so I'm concentrating my efforts in the "cold room," aka the sun room with the glass doors closed off and the A/C blasting as hard as it will go. Ahhh, sweet Freon.

Jenny's computer won't recognize our new wireless network, but my Mac did with few problems. Macs rule. PCs suck. I must say, dragging the laptop all over the apartment, sans wires of any kind (I'm writing this from the living room comfy chair), is pretty damn cool. Technology is a wonderful thing sometimes.