Bugs are yucky

Ok. I don't know if it was that mystery bug that got me last night night but I am itchy! Or maybe I am having a bizarre side effect from Alka Seltzer. Eyes itch. Skin itches! Nose itching. ARGH! Problem is if I take an allergy pill I will fall asleep. But at least I won't itch.


So I have lived thru the end of spring (May) and a DC summer.
I loved it! It was so hot. Heat is my friend. Except for the one day (pre-Joe's arrival) when I decided to take the metro from VA to the Smithsonian, in flip-flops, walk thru two museums and then walk to the WWII memorial, then I was going to trek back to the metro then decided forget it. Before I melt I will take a cab to Georgetown where I was meeting friends.
That day was too hot. But I survived. Kudos to my Old Navy flip-flops.

I thought it was Fall the other day. But it was a tease. It got hot again the last two days. The only hint that it's fall is that the lighting has definitely changed. It's that mellow, glowy fall light that I think is beautiful. Gives me the same feeling as when I am able to exerience twilight. You know when all the yuck from your day is just erased, just by being in the aubergine hued light.


Austria:wine as yummy:poop

We went to the Austrian Embassy for a wine tasting tonight. "Just don't," you say. "Run away quickly," you say. "Just grab a bucket and scoop some semi-wet sludge from the Potomac," you say.

I say: You are correct sir. Austrian wine is pure ass.

Seriously, it's bad. Thank you Jane and Sarah for turning us into total California wine snobs. You and your fancy "tasting" parties. :-( We really miss y'all.

Anyway, back to the smelly crack vinyards. We tasted all four wines they had on offer (two red, two white), and instead of waiting for the movie that was planned, we bailed to Guapo's on Wisconsin in Tenleytown and got yummy take-out burritos. Damn were they good! All the dirty Austrians gave us to eat was bad cheese and pumpkin oil (don't ask). The Austrian Embassy itself was okay, but the UAE Embassy next door was totally cool! The architecture was modern-meets-Alhambra, and we're sure that the Egyptians next door were really jealous, since they basically have a concrete box for an Embassy.

Slovakia was also having some sort of event, which we were tempted to crash, but we were afraid they would think we were Austrian invaders (since we were coming out of the Austrian Embassy....get it....oh, forget it. It's too late and I'm too full to be funny). Jenny got totally chomped by a massive mosquito and now has a giant West Nile infected blazingly red welt on her arm. Gross.

That's it for now, we have to get one more Angel episode in before we crash out for the night. As Ozzy says, we love you all!

Screw the poor....again

This just in: Republicans are assholes.

They don't even bother hiding their disgust for the poor anymore. Ack.


The only good thing to come out of the Iraq war

This is brilliant!

The Moral Issues

“'It’s the moral issues for me,' said Vicki Burgess, 49, a hairdresser from Fraziers Bottom, W.Va. 'He’s pro-life and that’s what I am. ... I’m for a marriage between a man and a woman. ... Those issues are my top issues.'”

How can you debate people like this? In a day and age where we are murdering innocent Iraqi children with giant bombs and letting the real 9-11 plotters off the hook for killing 2,000 Americans, hairdressers in WV list gay marriage as their #1 issue. This is insane.

But let's forget about the Iraqi children for a second. Since the news never shows them, maybe you can make the case that it's not her fault that she doesn't care about the bloody, unjust war in Iraq. So one would think that she might be more concerned about her own welfare or the fact that her county in WV has an annual per-capita income of only $20,471 and ranks 16 out of WV's 55 counties with a 6.17 personal bankruptcy rate.

On the other hand, who cares as long as we do everything we can to prevent two people who love each other from getting hitched, right? THAT's what's really important. Unreal.