Iran endorses Bush for president! No joke!

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I thought for sure that this was bogus when I saw it, but after doing some research, I've verified the story in several major U.S. newspapers. It comes from an AP Wire story on Tues.

Yes folks, the Islamic Republic of Iran has officially endorsed George W. Bush for president.

It seems the Iranian government would much prefer a tough talker to someone who would actually take action against them. To quote from the article (emphasis mine):

""We should not forget that most sanctions and economic pressures were imposed on Iran during the time of Clinton," [Head of the Supreme National Security Council Hasan] Rowhani said. "And we should not forget that during Bush's era - despite his hard-line and baseless rhetoric against Iran - he didn't take, in practical terms, any dangerous action against Iran."

Rowhani is also quoted as saying, "We haven't seen anything good from Democrats."

This shows explicitly how weak Bush appears on the world stage. What's next, North Korean foreign ministers campaigning in Florida for Bush?

And more importantly, why aren't the Democrats raising holy hell to get this on the news and the front pages of papers everywhere?

Spread the word, people! This is great stuff!


You've got to see it to fully appreciate it

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I know this is sort of old news, but if you're like me and missed it the first time, you've got to see John Stewart's utter smackdown of Tucker Carlson on Crossfire. Go here to view the video.

I know that I've called that pretentious, elitist, bow-tie wearing dolt a "dick" many times, but it's got to be great to say it to his face, as Stewart does here. We need more folks with the guts that Stewart has to tell these jackasses to cover the news, not just be flaks for the party lines.

John Stewart for president 2008!


How gross are you?

I've just discovered a great new site that lets you create free polls and track the answers. It's called SurveyMonkey.

My first poll, which Jenny insisted that I tell you she had absolutely nothing to do with, is meant to determine how disgusting our readers are. Don't worry, I've set up the poll so that your anonymity is assured. Have fun, be honest, and I post the results of our gross survey later!

Click here to see how disgusting you really are.


Wet, Wonderful West Virginia

Jenny and I went home to WV this past weekend to see my parents and go to Bridge Day. On Bridge Day every year, the authorities close down the New River Gorge Bridge to vehicular traffic and set up a street fair. You can walk across the bridge, which is the longest arch span bridge in the Western Hemisphere, and watch the hundreds of BASE jumpers legally line up and jump off. Wow, has that got to be exhilarating!

We met up with a couple old friends, Amy and John, who was the other guitarist in my college band, the Feast of Stephen (FOS). Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and we were forced off the bridge by some cold rain....brrrrrrr. Still, the leaves had changed and were very beautiful. Fall in my home town of Oak Hill is wonderful. The smell of leaves, the taste of homemade potato soup....it was really awesome to be back again.

The next day, John and Amy came over for my family's traditional Sunday dinner of Spanish arroz con pollo (chicken and rice). John and I played some guitar together for the first time in a great while, and we even remembered how to pluck out some old FOS oldies....great fun!

Of course, we also got to hang out with mom and dad and granny for a weekend, which is always great. We love you all!