Sylvia for Quesident 2008

Please vote for her.

It's time for a change.


Chicago pix -- FINALLY!

Long overdue posting this photo, but I just got around to downloading photos from my fabulous trip to Chicago in October.

Here I am with my good friend Mari and her ex-roommate, Chris. We went to a jazz club to see some KILLER live music. Mari's old neighborhood was a touch gritty (in a very cool way) and it really set the atmosphere for live jazz in Chicago.

It was great to see her again and catch up. Jenny and I are very lucky to have such good friends all over the country, and the world, for that matter. We hope all of you have a fantastic holiday season!


Dear Metro driver: SHUT IT!

Metro here in DC is well-known for its low-hassle, clean transit experience (at least it's well-know to me for those things). But occasionally I'll get on a train with a frustrated DJ as driver. This is the kind of driver that WILL NOT STOP TALKING OVER THE INTERCOM THE ENTIRE WAY IN TO WORK AND HAS TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE STOPS, THE ELEVATORS, THE TIME OF DAY, THE...oh, were the all caps getting on your nerves? Well that's what the unrelenting chatter does to me.

Life's damn good, otherwise, though. And that's saying something! Have a great Tuesday!