And now the crap part of owning your own home

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Please notice the soccer cleats. They are necessary to keep me from sliding fully under the whirring blades of my mower and becoming Joe mulch.

That's okay, Jane and Sarah can earn their keep when they get here by doing the impossible side yard.... :0)

Yabba Dabba DO!

I would like to officially announce that I have Flintstone feet.
Or, maybe not!
An excuse for extra foot massages and pedicures!

Memories...light the corners of my mind

I miss:
My sister, my friends, A Cote, Rockridge/College Ave. for shopping, eating and flower buying, the place in N. Berkeley that's run by lesbians and has basic super-yum breakfast treats, Lands End cliff walk in San Francisco (where Joe proposed and has the best view of the Golden Gate bridge), Chouinard Winery in Castro Valley, Picture + Pizza + Pub movie house,Woodwards Garden restaurant in SF, bonfire parties at Ocean Beach (esp. happy memory as that's where I met Joe).

Don't miss:
Summer that's chilly and damp. Not being able to park just to see a movie or go to the grocery store. That working like a dog still doesn't allow you to buy a house that's not teensy.


One year in DC...whoa that was fast!

Well, it's been a little over a year since Jenny and I left San Francisco/Oakland for the Washington DC metro area. Amazing. Time really, really flies now. The Bay Area is really much better to visit than to live in, if you ask me. (Nobody did, but what the hell, it's our blog, so....) Still, it's got me into a little reflection mode about what I miss and don't miss about living in the Bay Area.

What I don't miss: lots of things that really begin and end with the $700,000+ housing prices....

Now, what I miss:

EBOT soccer. It's been a serious pain in the ass finding non-competitive soccer out here. I miss my EBOT family and the weekly chance to score goles.
The wine country. Man, do I miss this one. Livermore Valley, I barely knew ye!
Friends. Obviously. Although almost all of them have moved out of the Bay Area already due to the factors listed above.

We are much happier in DC. It was a nervewracking decision to pull up stakes after a decade of S.F. area living (an average of Jenny's and my time in the area), but we're convinced we made the right one. I just don't see how people get ahead of the game out there.... Here in DC we've got a house, upcoming baby, jobs, family...all is good. It's been a hell of a year. For us, it was the right choice.