First A_nimal Board meeting!

Okay, I'm back to the underline code for this post, so break out your Enigma machines. Had my first meeting as an official, County-Executive-affirmed A_nimal Ma_tters Hea_ring B_oard member last night. The case involved whether or not to affirm the decision to declare a dog dangerous. The debate was not contentious, and my side won. This should be interesting. The next meeting is Wednesday night, and involves a barking complaint. We'll have to suss out whether or not this is a real complaint or just some neighbors looking for leverage against one another.


Arghh! Plumbing debacle in the works

I usually try to do most household repairs on my own, as a way to save dough and also just because I really enjoy fixing things around the house. My dad and I installed a new (used) dishwasher last week, for example.

But for some jobs, you simply have to call in the big guns. Take, if you will, a corroded, leaking bathtub trap. Now that's a replacement job in need of specialized tools and specialized skills. Unfortunately for us, those things cost a lot of specialized money.

We've been using the downstairs bathroom for showering for the last couple of weeks, and it looks like this will continue until we get the second estimate for replacing the upstairs bathtub trap. I'm not looking forward to the hole in my downstairs ceiling or the hole in my bank account. Ugh.