The best kiss ever

Sorry Joe but I have to say, I received the best kiss ever last night.
It happened about 330a. Yes, 330a in the wee hours of the morning.
Poor Sylvia suddenly got this weird dry cough (kinda allergies) and unfortunately it's one of those trigger-spasm coughs that scares her and wakes her up. So needless to say, she and I and Joe were up all night.
It was so sad b/c at 3a, I tried to give her to Joe for a sec while I washed bottles for her and that did not work AT ALL. She was completely freaking out, crying...which of course made her cough worse...OY. I think we have a bit of separation anxiety starting. So, I got her from Joe and she and I sat on the couch and I sang her the Sylvia song that I only sing her when she's upset. It's something I made up when she was very little and she was having a bad night and I just basically hug her really tight and sing it to her. Last night, she calmed down and just stared up at me with these big, saucer eyes - it was one of those moments where even though you are so tired you could puke, you don't care because it's the best, just to be in that moment where you are able to soothe your child. I was giving her kisses to chill her out and then went I put my cheek next to hers, all of a sudden I felt a "smooch!" She kissed me!
I am telling you, the BEST!