Grandparent madness!

Sylvie is currently in hog heaven, with grandma and grandpa in town for the weekend. She's also starting to do "babble talking" more and more. It's really funny because she uses correct intonation, but the words are all jibberish. Kind of like her daddy before coffee in the morning.


Moth-eaten cardigan sweaters are on aisle 7

So I was in Lowe's in Bowie Md yesterday buying a new showerhead for our downstairs bathroom. I had on standard November weekend attire, which for me is a boggin, flannel shirt, blue jeans (modern stylish ones that Jenny bought me), Vans, and my Carhardtt black jacket. Also I was unshaven and suitibly scruffy.

Apparently my wardrobe brought a flashback upon the girl who checked me out (in both senses of the phrase). As she finished scanning my items she blurted out, apropos of nothing, "I really like grunge. I wish I wouldn't have thrown out all those albums I had in college. I was looking for them the other day." I replied in the most delicate manner I could muster that MY WIFE and I also had regrets about some long lost CDs. She grinned sheepishly and I left, flattered yet somehow troubled.

Grunge is not the look I usually shoot for these days. I guess it's better than being confused for a gay man, which is what usually happens.