New baby gear

Oh! I almost forgot, we're getting some new, cool baby gear for Joseph.

They have something for Sylvie, too!

The weekend has landed!

Shaping up to be a busy one. We have to bite the bullet and hit Ikea to get Boo a new dresser and start moving bedrooms around. We are leaving Joseph to his own domicile and moving into the guest (soon-to-be master) bedroom. This means much furniture swapping is in my future. Not. looking. forward. to. moving. all. that. shit.

Soccer last weekend was brutally hot. It felt a lot like what I imagine playing soccer in a knee-deep Amazonian swamp tucked into the armpit of a 400-pound Russian sailor while wearing a heated, soaking wool sweater after a night of heavy drinking might feel like (without the benefit of the night of heavy drinking). In other words: really, really muggy. I'm hoping that it will be better this Sunday. Not that I have anything against sweaty armpits, mind you.



The way we were!

Tonight I found some old photos of us from around the turn of the millennium.... Man we look young. I think I've aged 30 years in 8. It's crazy how you don't think you look any different as the years go by, only to see some old photos that knock your delusional ass back into reality.

Partying like it was 1999...because it was 1999.

New Year's Eve 1999