Good news/too-soon-to-tell news

First the good news: Other than an annoying cold, everyone here in D.C. is doing fine, and the job search is coming along. Lots of interviews, and a few call-backs. The weather out here has been amazing in the last couple of weeks, and although it's supposed to rain for the 4th, it will still be nice and warm.

Jenny and I are going to our first MLS game in D.C. tonight, where we'll see United take on the MetroStars at RFK. Should be fun, I hope!

I am weighing an offer (well, not an offer, exactly, but they are courting me pretty hard) for a printing sales job, that would eventually let me develop an editorial department within the company. My last printing sales job was, to put it mildly, hell, so I'm carefully considering this option. That said, I was only 23 when I had the last sales job (and fresh out of college) and the company was full of pretentious pricks. We'll have to see how the money issue pans out for this job.

Jenny has a "second life" in Boston lately. We were up there last weekend for a 50-year anniversary party for her uncle and aunt, and she stayed on to train in the Boston office until Monday. She then had to fly back on Wednesday for another meeting....Whew! Mucho travel! We flew Independence Air (www.flyi.com), which was totally awesome! Brand new small jets, leather seats, nice customer service, zero hassles..... We can completely recommend them to anyone flying around the East Coast. And you can't beat the price: $111 ROUND TRIP from D.C. (Dulles) to Boston (Logan). Schweet!