Last "date day"

Beautiful wreath on St. Michaels
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Last Saturday, Joe and I took our last patented Jen-Joe roadtrip and had a "date day" in St. Michael's. It's on the Eastern side of Chesapeake Bay.
It's a very cute town with a main street, a ton of mid-to-late 1800's era buildings and yummy seafood. We ate at a restaurant right on the harbor that a local recommended -- it was SO good. Crab cakes for me. YUM. Plus a virgin piña colada. I am crazy that way!

Basically we walked up and down the main street, looked in shops, looked at cool houses, had an ice cream cone and sat on a porch and watched people go by. Also, I signed up to try to win a 1966 Mustang convertible (cherry red with a beige top, aka my dream car). The St. Michael's Rotary Club was selling raffle tix...so I signed up...

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