Totally Rad

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My evil twin is pictured at right, doing what he does best: playing the hell out of a guitar.

Johnny Rad was the other guitarist in my college-era band, The Feast of Stephen. Nowadays he's living in Parkersburg, WV and plays mostly at singer/songwriter events. His songs are fantastic, with "Free the Frogs" being my personal favorite.

The cool thing about playing in a band with Rad was that our styles are completely different, so they compliment each other well.

Where he is technically adept at the instrument, I am a sloppy mess of a player; where his phrasing is modal and uses complex chord voicings to weave texture into the song, I bash on my strings as hard as I can in the hopes of an unexpected, feedback-aided sonic discovery; while he can play YYZ, I can play Tom Sawyer. You get the picture.

Anyway, in the photo at right he is using his super powers for good at a songwriters' cancer benefit. Go Rad!

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Johnny said...

Thanks for reminding me about Free the Frogs! Punky would be ashamed of me for forgetting that one! Hehehehe. I haven't played it in a while. "Feeling like you lost it all, now it's all gone..."