Random Preg-o Musings

  • The alien peanut kicks when I am listening to NPR. How cool is that? My mini-intellectual.
  • Joe'd better watch out -- as I am teaching the kid jazz hands as soon as possible. The world is not such a heavy place to live in when you slide across the wood floor in your socks and you simultaneously do and say "jazz hands!"
  • I really have no waist now. Pants are a problem. They won't stay up. Who needs a Swiffer when I have my draggy pants?
  • I still want to know: what's up with "glow?" I have not seen the glow. I don't glow. No radiance. Perhaps some bronzer will help?
  • Did you know your lips spontaneously peel? Who needs exfoliator?
  • I sing with the radio...ALOT. Hoping the vibrations will relax the AP and maybe even AP will end up with good pitch.
  • I do "baby aerobics" - which means I don't jostle -- I am sure Black Eyed Peas never thought their song, "Let's get it started" would be danced to, by a 6-months pregnant chick. But oh yes...I can do it.
  • Also, I am teaching AP the cha-cha-cha and waltz. It's good for my hip-flexors.
  • When you are preg-o you spontaneously pass-out from fatigue. Many a night, Joe and I will be watching TV or a movie and one minute I am up and alert and the next... OUT COLD. It's freaky.


Anonymous said...

We love you,

Patsy and Joey

Patsy said...

Dear Jen:

You DO GLOW. You're beautiful. Your waistline is still there. AP is just filling it up for now. It will be right back when AP gets here.

We Love You

Patsy and Joe

SDCrawford said...

Jazz hands, peeling lips, & NPR - what more could a reader want. Oh, what is AP? are you keeping secrets from your left coast friends?

Jane said...

Sure, it's all fun and disappearing waistlines now, but wait a few months until AP is doing jazz hands in the womb.

jeero said...

AP = Alien Peanut (cuz that's what it looks like in the sonogram)