Novel problem: no furniture

Well, we're at the move-in phase where all of the major home fix-ups are coming to a close (hallway paint is the last one, and I'm doing that tonight), and we're running into a new problem: lack of funiture.

Jenny and I consolidated our separate one-bedroom apartments into my one-bedroom apartment when we got married, and since our place in the District was also one-bedroom, we only have one-bedroom's worth of funiture. That leaves us with two empty bedrooms and an extra living room to furnish. A good problem to have, no doubt, but no less daunting.

My mom and dad are giving us an antique bedroom set from my granny's room at home, but I have to go get it from WV. We kind of want to lean towards the modern for the rest of the house, so Ikea will probably be our friend and our wallets' enemy.

Stay tuned....

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